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Witness for Christ without fear.  Answer those “hard” questions.

This site will transform your witnessing for Christ from a reluctant, hesitant believer to a fearless evangelist by showing you an effective personal evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel EVERY TIME!  Your unbelieving friends and family ask you questions, that you can’t answer, that shut down your witnessing and stop you from getting to the your relationship with Jesus. There’s an answer!  Jesus did it again and again in his encounters with: the Pharisees, the Samaritan woman, the rich young ruler and many others.  Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!'” shows you that strategy.  You start by answering their question with a question, take their spiritual temperature, and present the Gospel, all BEFORE you answer their original question. To give you even more confidence my second book ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You” has answers to more than 100 of those hard questions the world will ask you like; “Where did Cain’s wife come from?” OR “Does the person who never heard go to Hell? OR “I only believe in what I can see” OR and there are many more.  These two books will take you from a reluctant warrior for Christ to a front line fearless evangelist always ready to do battle.

To purchase the books click one of the links on this page.  For more information explore this site.  Previews (link above) has short passages from each book to give you insight into what they each contain.  Release is a press release and information page.  Early readers comments are contained on the Readers page.  The Tables of Contents for both books are in Contents.  The Author pages contain Charlie’s contact information including a form to send him an email.  His bio, testimony and the many different things he has done in his life are also included there.  Americana is a gallery of pictures Charlie took in his many trips in the US during his 33 years in industry.  Enjoy them!

Transform and empower your witnessing for Jesus by employing the same strategy Jesus’ used.  Get to the Gospel every time you have an opportunity.  Don’t let those hard questions stop you.  There are ANSWERS!

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Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!
A former Atheist’s plan for effective Christian personal evangelism.

I wrote this book because I saw many of my Christian friends unwilling or unable to bring the Gospel to the unbelievers they encountered every day.  Why were they so hesitant?  When I asked them, the most common answer was:

“Because I can’t answer all the hard questions they ask me like: Where did Cain get his wife? What happens to the native in the jungle that never heard the Gospel?  Does he go to hell?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  The Bible says: ‘be ready to give an answer to the hope that is in you.’  But I’m not ready!  I can’t answer those questions!  I just don’t know enough about theBible or science or anything else!  Help, I can’t witness!”

If that’s you, here, we offer a plan to bring the Gospel to your unbelieving friends and family without immediately answering those hard questions.  None of us have all the answers.  You have your faith and the Holy Spirit to guide you.  You can become a confident witness for Christ if you use the personal evangelism plan put forth in this book.

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 Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! 

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ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You.”
Direct, Simple Christian Answers to the World’s “Hard” Questions.

As a Christian, are you stumped by those hard questions your unbelieving friends and family ask you?  Charlie has been answering those questions for more than 30 years. Over 100 of them are answered here simply and directly.  Understanding the debate about: “Where we came from?” is critical to any Christian’s ability to witness.  The conflict between the Bible’s Creation account and the Evolution taught in our schools is dissected in the second half of this book.  You faith will be bolstered by these answers, and the analysis of origins.  You will be empowered in your witnessing and gain great confidence in your faith. YES, there are answers to those “hard” questions!

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  ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”

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Are you sharing your faith in Christ?  NO?  Why NOT?  Are you afraid of those hard questions your friends and family member ask that you can’t answer?  I’ve wrestled with this issue for many years and now I have a solution to share with you!  First, develop your own personal Christian evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel before answering the unbelievers questions.  That’s developed in my first book: Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!   The second step is being prepared to give direct, simple answers to the world’s hard questions, that’s book 2: Answers for “The Hope That Is In You”.  If you put the principles in these books to work you WILL become a fearless evangelist for Christ.  May the LORD bless you in your work for Him!

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